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Care Management System


Unite Here Health (UHH) provides high quality, affordable healthcare to all their participants. Headquartered at Aurora, IL UHH has its offices widespread across all regions of the United States.


UHH was data files and an internal database to maintain eligibility files, claims, and patient data. Over the last few years, UHH has been undergoing rapid growth. They have had a need to empower their participants to manage their health and healthcare across many regions. UHH’s Internal IT was a legacy system .

  • Maintaining bulk data on an Excel sheet is a cumbersome process to organize and manage the patient eligibility details.
  • Classifying the eligible and non-eligible patient details was maintained on a CSV file. Since every file had 70,000+ records , UHH Internal IT found it difficult in processing the files.
  • Managing the data was not secured enough for all levels of users.
  • Daily Reports were maintained in different excel sheets for different hospitals from different locations.
  • UHH lacked a centralized method for tracking the eligibility details of the patients and also It was a heavy burden to process 70,000+ records on a CSV file.

    CARMA Care Management System Softsquare through partner Top Shelf CRM, built CARMA, a custom Salesforce application that made it simpler for UHH to process the bulk data from multiple CSV files. Softsquare used Papa parse, a powerful CSV parser for Javascript to split the bulk data into chunks for an optimized CPU processing time. Our implementation of this custom tool has led to:

  • Eligibility status update of patients every month using Process builder.
  • Automatic creation of eligibility history every time the status is updated on the system.
  • Batch Apex to create/update a patient’s record, create claims, lab reports, and other daily reports associated it with the person.
  • Different levels of Security so that only the Intended Internal users have the edit/delete permissions to the Account objects in Salesforce.
  • Centralized Reports Solution – Softsquare built a custom solution that is centralized and easy-to-view of the Reports all at one place. UHH can now easily pull reports that provide full visibility from the report data across all regions.

    Upon implementing this custom solution, the UHH Internal IT has been successfully executing:

  • Track and manage the eligible/non-eligible patient details along with their dependents.
  • Identify the accountable patients by capturing the eligibility history details on a monthly basis.
  • Reduces the manual and erroneous data entry when it comes to bulk data load.
  • Significant cost saving.
  • Receive real time reports on a daily basis.
  • Reduction in security risk since the access levels are restricted to a group of users.